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Flaky Pastry Fan Fic 002 : Shakin'....

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 1:22 pm    Post subject: Flaky Pastry Fan Fic 002 : Shakin'.... Reply with quote


Nitrine and Marelle are putting away the groceries. Nitrine is busy judging each piece that comes out of the bags.
“Bread.. cheese.. eggs.. butter.. Yogurt?? Yuck! Why did you get this?”
Marelle looks up from the refrigerator.
“I like yogurt, besides it’s good for you.”
Nitrine lets her tongue hang out of her mouth as if trying to let something nasty roll off of it. She digs back down into the bag and comes up with a package of steaks. Her eyes light up.
“Oh! Yummy. Meat.”

After putting away everything they go out and sit on the couch. Marelle picks up one of the many books she’s been reading and Nitrine turns on the TV. Zintiel finally comes out of her room. As Nitrine turns to see Zintiel come walking out of her room, her jaw drops. Marelle notices too. Zintiel walks toward the kitchen.
“So what is there to do in this town on a Friday night”
Marelle and Nitrine look at each other then back to Zintiel.
“Um, we’re not really sure we’ve been kind of tight here lately, so going out hasn’t really been on the agenda” Marelle says.
“I’ll say” Nitrine wrinkles her nose a bit. Zintiel looks them both over.
“Well let’s go find something FUN to do.”

40 minutes later the three of them are dressed and ready and on their way out the door. As they walk out into the hall a door opens behind them and one of their neighbors walks out into the hall as well. Marelle looks over to him and smiles.
“Oh hi Falingard. This is Zintiel, our new roommate.”
He looks her over and tries really hard to hide his smile. He offers her his hand, trying to be smooth, while Nitrine starts to give him a baleful stare.
Zintiel takes his hand and smiles in her usually insane manner. He winces just a bit as she shakes his hand in a crushing grasp.
“Oh!… Strong grip you’ve got there.” Pulling his hand back as she releases him.
“Yeah. It comes from my father’s side of the family”. Nitrine smirks as Marelle speaks to Falingard.
“We were just on our way out to find some fun, do you know of any places around here?” Falingard regains his composure and something of his smile.
“I do indeed. In fact I was just on my way over to Fang’s Fling. It’s a club for the students here on campus. It’s run by a Vampire and some of her friends.”
Marelle starts to look a little nervous.
“Um.. I don’t know if….
But Zintiel breaks in as she heads for the stairs leading to the street.
“That’s sound perfect. Where is this place at?”
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