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Flaky Pastry Fan-Fic 003 : Fang's Fling

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 11:22 pm    Post subject: Flaky Pastry Fan-Fic 003 : Fang's Fling Reply with quote

Fang's Fling...
A den of iniquity, where all the foul souls gather to indulge their evil desires.

Zintiel finishes reading the marquee on the front of the building, and her smile gets a little wider.
“Hmmm I bet that was written by one of the instructors. Well this looks like it’ll be fun.”
Music can be heard coming form inside the club as the patrons come and go. Many are college students. Most of them are not human. Zintiel leads the way as she pushes through the ominous looking double doors, with Nitrine, Falingard, and Marelle close behind her. The music is loud, the darkness of the room broken only by the flashing lights from the dance floor. As they walk in a tall man in a dark robe greets them with a fang filled smile.
“Good Evening. I’d like to take your coat” (In the classic Boris Karlov “Dracula” voice)
Zintiel laughs and walks toward the bar and is instantly lost in the press of people. Falingard looks at Nitrine.
“I don’t come in here that often. Seems to be a quiet night in here though.”
Nitrine’s eyes widen.
“Quiet night? Wow I wonder what this place is like when it’s hoppin’”
Marelle comes up behind them.
“Maybe we should see if we can find a table.”
“Good idea. Wait, where did Zintiel go?”
Nitrine pulls some sort of gadget out of her pocket.
“I’ll go find her.” as she bounces off into the crowd looking for Zintiel.

Zintiel makes her way toward the bar through the press of bodies. But she makes little headway as she is jostled, and pushed and shoved. Then she gets that crazed look in her eye. She grabs a nearby rock troll and uses him as a plough, flattening half the people between her and the bar. As she reaches the bar, she drops the poor, beat up troll and dusts her hands off.
“Ah, that’s better.” She says as she turns to the barkeep, a muscular, six armed goblin with a dark hood. “So what have you got for a thirsty elf?”
The bartender grabs a bottle off of one of the shelves and holds it out to for her to see.
Zintiel looks at the bottle, a decent vintage of elvish mead. She takes the bottle and tosses the goblin a ruby. Popping the cork, she sits on one of the stools and pours her self a tall mug of the stuff and takes a deep drink. She puts the mug down and looks around, and something catches her eye. She jumps up and runs back into the crowd moving toward the stage.

Nitrine dodges through the crowd, picking pockets freely as she goes. A watch here, a wallet there, this was gonna be a good night. As she crosses next to a side stage she looks around... and then does a double take. She smiles widely as she looks up to see Zintiel dancing up on the raised platform between two large, leather clad vampires. Nitrine grabs the egde of the scafold and climbs up next to Zintiel, and starts dancing too. Zintiel is letting all out, she is going with the misic and letting her body go wild. She never got to dance like this at home. Her kin were far to stuffy for this kind of thing. As she spins around she bumps into something. She looks down and sees Nitrine smiling up at her.
"What do you think you are doing"?
Nitrine gives her cutest smile.
"I'm dancing."
Zintiel knows better. With lightning quick reflexes she reaches down and grabs a gold chain hanging out of Nitrine's pocket.
"Dancing huh? Well don't get caught "dancing" down on that floor. The bouncers wouldn't like it too much."
Nitrine gives a HMPH of disgust as she looks out over the crowd looking for her next victim.
"The bouncers gotta catch me first."
Then the two large vampires to either side of Zintiel turn to look at Nitrine. They do not look happy. Zintiel clears her throat loudly to get Nitrine's attension. Nitrine turns to see the vampire bouncers moving closer, and starts to feel a bit worried. She curses under her breath, then she grabs the rail and hurtles over and dashes back into the crowd.
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